Creation is a huge passion of mine. It enables me to stay spontaneous and gives me an opportunity for creative fulfillment. I finished a high school of an art in Prague and moments after I took a great chance to build a crew for making a TV show for Slovak Telekom in Slovakia. After the 6 months of filming and making a TV show Top Aplikacie, the great journey finally ended up and I decided to start study filmmaking at film university in Pisek. After few months I started to work on many projects included graphic design and animations for movie I am the Doorway with director Robin Kasparik, so I came back to Prague and took individual studying. Right now I’m starting the creative agency Outsiders Creative and working as director, videographer and art director.

The ability of creating new artworks or interesting solutions makes sense only when we are cooperating with other people. Together it is much easier to achieve goals and set high standards of our service. So everyone intrested in my offer is cordially invited to cooperation.

Feel free to check out my profile @dominikbroulik at social networks like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

You can download my CV here.